My offer

I offer my services as a photographer. I mainly do photo coverage (weddings and corporate events) and portraits. By visiting my galleries, you will notice by yourself that I like trying out new techniques.


Do you plan on getting married? Feel free to contact me. I will send you my offer after a meeting during which I will describe the services I can offer and you will have the opportunity to describe me your wishes and expectations. I insist on meeting the future brides before the reportage is booked. The main idea is to share what will certainly be the most beautiful day of your life. I prefer to make sure that we get on well with each other and that you like my work

Corporate events

Do you need professional pictures of your corporate event? Of your colleagues? Of your fittings? I understand your needs! The image of your company will be reflected by the pictures used. Several companies have already put their trust in me for their conventions, websites…


photo shoot is the occasion to take a fresh look at your image. It is also the opportunity to manage the picture that you share on your resume, on social networks, etc. Together, we will discuss the place, the style and the clothing to get the utmost of your photo shoot. I offer a professional services with a wide range of solutions for every budget. 

The Way I Work 

• I always arrive early. 
• I am as discreet as possible while taking the pictures. 
• I offer my vision of the event. I like picturing emotions, details, interactions among the guests. 
• I do my best to reduce the delivery time. 
• I like what is beautiful. 
• I lead photo workshops for the cultural association of the UCL-Mons (a university) and for EASI (an IT company). 
• I keep in touch with many of my customers. 
• I like meeting new people, taking pictures of new situations. 
• I love when the future brides contact me for a photo shoot abroad. 
• I like when the brides trust from the beginning until the end of their wedding day. It helps me soaking up the atmosphere, which allows me to get the best result with your pictures. 
 • Finally, for wedding coverage, I like spontaneous photography. I am discreet during the whole day to seize the moment or people exchanging a knowing glance that the brides will later discover by looking at my pictures. My role is not to take the traditional pictures that anyone would expect. My job is to soak up the atmosphere of your wedding in order to show the emotions of the day in the photo coverage. During the day, I do not use a flash in order to enable spontaneity. In the evening, the flash may be used to offer more artistic possibilities and another signature to pictures. Moreover, I like using a small studio where the guests can have fun and leave memories for the brides, which will inevitably make them smile. The professional equipment is not enough. The angles chosen by the photographer, the adequate use of the equipment and the treatment of the pictures can make a difference. 

 My values

At each stage of my work, I commit to: 


 I commit to deliver a service of quality, either for my work or for my contractors’. Indeed, I am constantly looking for new information about photography, new contractors for the printing out of the pictures and solid partnerships with other talented photographers when I need support in one of my activities. 


 Here are the various definitions of respect that I make a point of honour to abide by: keeping my word, meeting the deadlines, having respect for the customers, for the contractors, etc. 


 With my pictures, I try to establish a genuine human relationship and to remain myself with my customers and my partners. My opinion is that we are not only concluding a commercial transaction. We are sharing a slice of your life. In the framework of a wedding photo shoot, I insist on meeting the future brides before any contract is signed. This way, you can make sure that we get on well with each other before making a decision. 


 I was born on May 23, 1986 in Brussels. I love travelling, was it for professional or personal reasons. 
Some keys dates: 
• When I was 7, I received my first camera as a gift, 
• At 13, I did my first photo coverage during a school trip, 
• At 16, I got my first compact digital camera, 
• At 20, I acquired my first reflex digital camera. Then, I started to shoot various reportages and to broadcast my pictures on the Internet, 
• At 23, due to the increasing number of requests, I signed contracts with my first customers with SmartASBL. 
• At 25, I started working as freelance photographer (supplementary professional activity) and booked one shooting after the other. Photo coverage, portraits, pleasant encounters, contracts…and… I love my life! 
• Presently, I work on various photography projects on a regular basis in the French-speaking region of the country. Photography is a passion. Although it is a supplementary professional activity, I am first and foremost a photographer. I like sharing those emotional moments with people who entrust me with their pictures. I have a clear preference for weddings. The atmosphere is particular, with happy people, beautiful celebration… Of course, I also take other types of pictures like portraits, concerts, sports and photo coverage of various types of events. 


 I continuously try out new devices, I keep on learning new techniques and I exchange views with friends of mine who also do photography. I visit photo fairs, I have subscriptions to several photography magazines and I follow some websites dedicated to training, etc. All that aims at continuously improving the services I offer. I also participate at some workshop given by other professional photographers

Let’s keep in touch ! 

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