Dear Fuji – My wishlist for the X-PRO 2

I usually blog in French but I think that Mister Fuji speaks English or Japanese. I do not speak Japanese so today’s blog post will be in English!

Dear Mister Fuji,

I hope you are doing well. You did a great job last year with the X Revolution and you did extremely well over the last few months with events such as the Photokina, the UK show and the launch of new lenses. This way of penetrating the market with prime lenses and high dynamic sensors was audacious but you did it and I am proud of you.

Santarelli (70 sur 81)
Photokina 2014


Everyone in the Fuji community (yes, you built a community around your brand) is waiting for your PRO2 but I prefer to send you a brief summary of what we expect of this camera!

Portrait by J-M Renoirt
Wishlist by J-M Renoirt


I was in London one month ago and having a chat with your recent X-Photographer friend, Mr Vi Opoku, we concluded that the future of Fuji is in wedding photography.

Indeed, on a wedding day we work for 12, 15 or 18 hours with our cameras and, believe me, my back feels the difference when I use your stuff! (I had the choice: go Fuji or go to the gym every day… thank you, now I can stay at home or have some beers with friends 😉 )

_DSF3448 (Copier)
No gym by J-M Renoirt


I know that your target is street photography but please listen to me, or wait for a few years to prove me right. You are my friend, so I will accept your mistake 😉 With the quality of your lenses, with the weight of your cameras, with stunning JPEG to share directly with the WiFi on our Facebook pages you did something awesome that allows us to provide a better service to our customers.

Well, I almost forgot the first goal of my letter: my wishlist !

– Keep with this vintage look – it’s sooo cool!

– EVF or natural viewer: both please! Just keep the natural viewer of the X-PRO 1 but use the EVF of the X-T1. Both are amazing but when I use the natural viewer, I always have a worse AF than with the EVF. Please improve it.

_DSF3426 (Copier)
My gear by J-M Renoirt


– Sensor: It’s technical stuff and I do not care but keep on making something different in terms of dynamic range. It rocks!

– JPEG: Yours are amazing and you should keep this level of quality for everyday pictures and fast preview for my friends and customers.

– AF: Blah blah blah Fuji AF: continue to improve it with the next updates of your firmware: it rocks, guy!

– WiFi: add the WiFi on your pro camera. I shared on Facebook the pictures I took during a wedding: it was just amazing to see people liking and commenting my work live during the dinner.

– Dual-slot: Please allow us to use 2 cards simultaneously in your future pro camera. It helps to decrease my level of stress and would allow me to use an Eye-Fi card with small JPEGs and a big SD card with big RAF files.

I will wait for your X-PRO2 but it is your son, not mine, so if you want to brand it with a different name, it is up to you. I will love him anyway!

_DSF3472 (Copier)
« I will use the next Fuji » by J-M Renoirt


I know these things are easier to discuss over a drink. Just let me know when we can meet, I will be happy to tackle this subject with you.

If you have any stuff to test before the whole market buys your cameras, do not hesitate to contact me. I will do the job for you!

_DSF3463 (Copier)
« Let me test your stuff ! » by J-M Renoirt


Friendly yours.



PS : If you are a Fuji photographer, do not hesitate to add your keypoints to my wishlist in a comment ! I will be happy to discuss these with you.

PPS : All my pictures were taken in JPEG by my friend Jean-Michel Renoirt, with an X-100 S and without post-processing. Do not hesitate to follow his Facebook page, his work become better day after day !

Thanks for these images Jean-Michel !

Une réponse sur “Dear Fuji – My wishlist for the X-PRO 2”

  1. Comme je te l’ai déjà dit ailleurs, les améliorations principales seraient, pour ma part :
    – AF plus fin et rapide
    – Double carte SD
    – Garder le look Leica
    – EVF encore plus grand
    – Plus de mode vidéo

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